Daily Platform

Simplified defined benefit plan administration is a must, and it starts with your benefits management software.

The Daily Platform provides easier implementation, more logical navigation, and a lower price tag than the traditional administration solution. The Daily Platform will give you:

Latest Technology

No more managing multiple systems. Having everything on the same platform streamlines administration and drastically lowers the time and cost of implementation and making custom changes.

Daily Reconciliation

For cash balance plans, we offer daily valuation of benefits, virtually eliminating the risk in these plans — a capability unique in the industry.


We have the highest level of data security in place. We perform annual SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits, and take our data security extremely seriously.


We believe that participants and sponsors should be able to get what they want when they want it and that is why we offer self-service options.

Access any time

24/7 access to all plan information for participants and sponsors. See account balance, run projections, or start payment process.


We believe that you should have access to everything. That is why we ensure all data (e.g., call notes and recordings, participants interactions, etc.) is visible and available to you.

Support for Plan Sponsors

Our Daily Platform™ handles all day-to-day calculations, providing sponsors with an automated benefits management software solution and simplifying the administrative experience. Utilizing a fully self-service model, the Daily Platform™ allows plan administrators to:

  • Manage Workflow
  • Create/Process Distributions
  • Manage Beneficiary Information
  • Generate Reports
  • View/Edit Participant Data
  • Review Daily reconciliation of Assets and Benefits
  • See Daily Updated Plan Activity

Engagement for Plan Participants

Using the centralized, easy-to-use, Participant Dashboard, participants can now see real-time benefit information, including drill-down capability on their plan information and the ability to project their benefits based on different assumptions.

Rick Grossman

Rick is here to answer any questions you have abour our administration technology solutions and the Daily Platform™.

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